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Quotes (con't) an avid reader and writer. She was well ahead of the curve in reading and recognizing her sight words. She is also performing her math problems with no issue at all. We were told ?she is a cooperative student, a confident learner and is eager to show what she knows?. She is also ahead of the game with her addition/subtraction facts. As I write this, I truly believe that without Amazing Grace, she would not have the base for her education that has turned her into the student she is becoming. Ms. Shelley and the rest of the teaching staff at Amazing Grace Early Education took pride in my daughter and treated her as they would their own children. I will forever be grateful for the entire staff of AGEEC for the values and principles they helped me instill in my daughter. Quotes
Amy Edwards

Quotes My daughter went to Amazing Grace with Ms. Shelley for three years. We had very high hopes of her being molded into a wonderful student. Within the first year, her social skills were shaped and she was a well-mannered three year old. In her second year, she was learning all kinds of numbers and letters. She came home singing songs and teaching me all about Noah and God. In her third year, it got serious for her. She learned to read words, some math, and even more solid personality developing skills. Her manners fell into place. She said please and thank you every chance she could. All the while, remaining focused on God and His place in her life. The graduation ceremony for her preschool class of 2013 was the cherry on the top of the sundae. It was well planned and the children were very prepared to show off to the parents what they have learned. Last week, we had our first parent-teacher conference with her kindergarten teacher. She told us that our daughter was becoming Quotes
Amy Edwards

Quotes Both of my children attended (one still does) AGEEC and I have only good things to say! The teachers are caring and go above and beyond for the children. When my daughter graduated from AGEEC she was more than ready for Kindergarten. I have recommended many families to the school and will continue to do so for years to come. Quotes
Heather Lemke
Great school and great teachers!

Quotes I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience my son has had over the last two years at AGEEC. He has received such a great foundation, both educational and socially, and seems well prepared for Kindergarten. All of the teachers and staff are so loving and really know how to work with young children. I have recommended this preschool to many families and will continue to do so! Quotes
Amber Hann

Quotes Love love love love this school! This was the first time my daughter attended a school outside of an in home daycare she was in since birth. I will admit I was a little nervous at first. After the first day of school when I picked my daughter up and she was so happy and couldn't wait to go back. I felt at ease. As the school year progressed I loved it even more. You know its a good thing when your child can't wait to go to school the next day, and that was my daughter. The things that my daughter learned in just a short time is truely amazing. I could email her teacher and she would get right back to me. I loved the Tadpoles report at the end of the day. It would tell us what they learned and periodically during the school day I would get a video of my daughter at school. All the staff was amazing! Amazing Grace will forever have my heart. I would recommend it to anyone! You won't be disappointed! Quotes
Proud Mom

Quotes AGEEC is a phenomenal preschool! A+ My son went for 1 year at age 4. His teacher and owner of the preschool, Shelley McFarland, puts her heart into her work and it shows! She is the perfect example of a teacher who enjoys their job. My son has excelled this year and is by far ready for Kindergarten! The preschool and remainder of staff are wonderful as well. When we would arrive all the other teachers were warm and friendly and always greeted my son by his name. These people get it!!! And they make us parents HAPPY and feel very connected and involved in their days at school. There was nothing that made me happier than receiving an email from Shelley and showing me videos and pictures of my son during that morning, and what he was doing in school right then! I have raved about Shelley and her dedication to her school from day one. I will continue to recommend her to anyone I can! I would follow Shelley anyway she goes!!! I have another son I will absolutely enroll once he's of age!! Quotes
Tammy Wariwanchik
Very Satisfied Mom

Quotes My daughter and my son both attended your school system for years. I just wanted to take this time to thank all your staff the church and everyone who had a part of their years there. This school was a stepping stone to the real world for the kids, even if the next step is kindergarten. It is a big step for them and they are more then ready to go. The school work and play time is evenly broke up in the day that allows them to learn, make friends, play, and build people skills. I have sent a lot of friends your way, and all of them have had great things to say. If every school down the road had the love of children that your school shows, life would be so easy for these kids. Thanks again and I will truly miss all staff and everything they did for my kids. Quotes
Mike Wilson
Very Proud Dad.........

Quotes I would highly recommend AGEEC. The staff is wonderful and my children have learned so much! The staff provided a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for them while developing their social skills and confidence and preparing them for Kindergarten. Quotes
Jennifer Sebell
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Amazing Grace is a fantastic school. The teachers there are so loving and caring. My son did so well academically. I could not have asked for a better place for him. Quotes
Marlaina Spicer
Very satisfied mom

Quotes My daughter attended Amazing Grace for two years, her teachers Dawn and Shelley, were amazing.. They have taught her many life skills, as well as preparing her for kindergarten, she has tested very big at her new school! It's only up from here for Mellania and thanks to her start at Amazing Grace!!! SIGN UP!!!! Quotes
Michelle Cobb
Mother of a two year student