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Parent Testimonials

Below are testimonies from families currently attending Amazing Grace Early Education Center in Pedricktown, NJ.  See what families are saying.........

Ware Family


I am beyond pleased with the staff and curriculum at Amazing Grace Early Education Center.  Our oldest son Jake attended both the 3 and 4- year old programs.  After a few months of crying at the start of each school day, Jake made such progress. I too left crying on a few occasions but was constantly reassured that he was fine.  He grew both academically and socially during his time at AGEEC.  Jake would come home each day excited to share what he had learned.   I was impressed with the 1:1 attention he received with his reading readiness and math skills.  Jake was more than prepared to start kindergarten. 

Our son Cole is now in the 2 ½ year old program and will continue at AGEEC for the next few years.  You can tell the teachers and staff really love what they do.  They are kind, caring and treat my child as their own.  I will continue to recommend AGEEC as my preschool of choice.  Thank you Shelley and staff for all you have done and continue to do.  –Eileen Ware


Drummond Family

We absolutely love Amazing Grace Early Education Center for our Three year old daughter Shelby. We honestly were not sure if we were ready for her to be in school as of yet. I met with Alecia & Shelley and we decided to give it a try. Shelby loves school!! She will actually wake us up on Sunday and ask if it's time to go to school. She loves showing us her school work and feels like she is more like her older sister Samantha now going to school. I would recommed Amazing Grace Early Education Center to anyone!! Thank you for all you do for our little girl. - Kevin & Michele Drummond


Hann Family

We have been so pleased with the experience Trevor has had at Amazing Grace Early Education Center. The teachers and staff are caring and loving. Trevor is so excited to see his teacher each Monday morning! He is learning so many academic skills and his behavior at home has greatly improved. We are thankful that we have found a such a special place for our son to attend preschool. ~Amber and Chris Hann


Shoemaker Family

Our family and three year old son Kaden can’t say enough about Amazing Grace Early Education Center! The education our son is receiving is top notch! The teachers and staff are friendly, caring, creative, and energetic, their dedication and passion for teaching children has far exceeded our expectations. Kaden is thriving academically, socially, and spiritually, he is excited to share every detail of the school days events with us and eagerly awaits his next day of school. Amazing Grace Early Education Center utilizes all of the right tools and building blocks for my son’s educational foundation. Amazing Grace Early Education Center is the right choice and perfect match for our family, we are extremely happy with our choice to enroll Kaden in Amazing Grace Early Education Center! ~Brooke and Kurt Shoemaker


Wilson Family

My daughter started attending school under the direction of Shelley McFarland at the age of three. I dropped Gwen off that morning and she cried hysterically. After mustering up the strength to leave her, I spent the next hour in Wawa parking lot crying as much as Gwen did that morning. After the first week of Gwen crying, every morning the teachers came up with a plan. Every morning I would drop her off and her teacher would excitedly walk her to the window to wait for mommy to drive by and wave. This happened every morning for an entire year. Taking Gwen to school every day started to feel like taking her to spend the day with my sister. The teachers went above and beyond to take care of her and I! Gwen is now eight years old and in the third grade.

When my son Dane became of age to start preschool there was no question where he would attend. Returning to this school with the fabulous teachers that worked there felt like home. Dane fit right in and thankfully we didn’t have to play the same games as we did with Gwen. Although there were some rough mornings here and there a coloring page of Buzz Light-year always did the trick. Dane continues to thrive in his work and learning. I mention Amazing Grace Early Education Center to anyone who is looking for a preschool. It will be a sad day when Dane becomes the age that he will no longer attend.


I continue to praise the teachers and curriculum at this school. I hope that AGEEC sores beyond their expectations in the future years. - Kimberly Wilson


Ashfield Family

My family has started to read from the Bible nightly as part of Lent. I just have to tell you how proud I am that my 4 year old could tell me the story of Noah!! I was floored at how much he knows. It makes me so proud that we can afford to give him such a good quality, Christian education, that in our eyes is priceless. Often times in the hustle and bustle of things, we don't have enough time to stop and give praise to those who spend such good quality time with our children.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank AGEEC for all that they do for my son, Hunter and let you all know just how proud I am that God called upon your school for our Hunter. Thank you, thank you thank you and our wish is that God will continue to help your school grow, so others can experience the grace that your school has bestowed on our family!   Blessings,   Maureen Ashfield