Kindergarten and Grade 1


Our open classroom spaces are designed to encourage communal learning and aid children’s development at every turn. Each classroom is decorated to provide mental stimulation to the children, with a variety of educational posters and work created by the children on display.

An important focus at Amazing Grace EEC is children’s reading ability. There are accessible resources around the classroom to promote reading and phonics and each classroom has a reading corner filled with stage-appropriate books for the children.

Outside Space

Our Kindergarten and Grade 1 have regular time outside, both for recess and, when relevant, for learning activities. Time outside allows the children to develop their independence and communication skills, as well as supporting their physical and mental wellbeing.

For safety, our Covid regulations mean that Kindergarten and Grade 1 children have separate recess for the time being.


Abeka Book Curriculum

For our K4, K5, and 1st Grade children, we follow the Abeka Curriculum: a high quality curriculum which educates children from a Christian perspective. Abeka aims to give students a strong educational foundation to carry them through their educational journey and into a lifetime of learning.

Abeka has three main aims, which align with those of Amazing Grace Early Education Center:

Intellectual Growth

As with any curriculum, our focus is on helping students to develop intellectually. This will look different for each child, but we focus on traditional milestones, with a strong focus on phonics and reading.

Moral Growth

We teach children to understand the difference between right and wrong. Teaching social skills such as sharing and turn-taking helps to instill moral values in our children; we use biblical stories to support this process.

Spiritual Growth

By infusing Christian teachings into the curriculum, students grow spiritually, applying biblical truths to their own lives and understanding the role of prayer and Scripture.

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